Cashing in Connections

Certain events have raised my Connected: Bohemian and Society to 100. Is there a practical use for numbers this high somewhere down the line, or should I just start stocking up on wine until they get closer to 50?

In that vein, is there a better way to grind connections into useful things than cashing them out that I should save them for?
edited by The Machinist on 4/6/2015

It’s more profitable to cash in Society connections at the Empress’ Court, since you get 10 Echoes’ worth of London Street Signs per Action instead of only 2.40 Echoes’ worth of wine. You also get 1 CP of Suspicion, but that’s quite manageable.

Once you get farther in the game (PoSI) you can open a Salon in one of your homes to more easily gain Notability and you can use large quantities of Bohemian and Society connections to gain progress with it, which in turn is spent on inviting various guests that will boost Making Waves.

If you have very high Persuasive and Temple Club access you can cash in Society for Jade. It is kind of similar to Unfinished Business except with it scales with Persuasive so you can get one to several hundred jade. Usually on the higher end.