Carnelian Coast?

Just saw this in the sidebar: “What can you do on the Carnelian Coast? Tourists visit ancient caves, eat unusual sea-creatures, enjoy the balmy weather and quaff drinks that aren’t made of mushrooms at all.”

Maybe we’ll get to go there soon?

I hate to disappoint, but I’ve seen that sidebar before - for months certainly. Can’t recall exactly when I first encountered it, but I think it was before 2012.

Though I haven’t noticed any recent changes, I do also hope the Carnelian Coast is the next update. All sorts of stories seem to be tied to whatever is going on there.

I think the Carnelian Coast or the East should be the next nautical update, as I don’t think we are quite ready for the North…

At the very least, the Watchful and Persuasive tracks seem to be converging on the Carnelian Coast; the end of the University storyline [color=FFFFFF]directly mentions how nice the place is at this time of the year[/color], the end of the Court storyline [color=FFFFFF]promises you something of a position there[/color], and it’s a logical starting point for the investigations [color=FFFFFF]of the Dilmun Club [/color]- a membership in which, IIRC, also requires both Watchful and Persuasive. I can’t quite remember anything for Dangerous and Shadowy, but those don’t really have proper storylines, I think.

It might be too early for another batch of Watchful content, though. I absolutely love most of the Watchful stuff, mind you, but it might be Shadowy’s or Persuasive’s turn again, given how they have been somewhat neglected lately… well, we’ll see.

Yeah, I feel like the Dilmun Club storyline is definitely going to be heading toward the Elder Continent next. The end of it for now was all about getting closer to the Garden.

What I know about the Elder Continent:

  • The Elder Continent is ruled by the Presbyterate, presumably headed by the Presbyter.[/li][li]People and things in the Elder Continent not only have eternal life, but eternal youth. Eternal youth is gained by Partaking in…something…in the Garden.[/li][li]Snuffers are creatures that hail from the Elder Continent, and have been denied from Partaking by the Presbyterate. Snuffers have the ability to steal faces from creatures and switch them at will. Known Snuffers include [color=#ffffff]the Bishop of St. Fiacre’s, the Big Rat, and certain people in the Fate-locked portion of the Foreign Office. [/color]Snuffers refer to themselves as “me and mine”. I think the “me” refers to, well, them, while the “mine” refers to their collection of faces.[/li][li]London has a colony on the Elder Continent, the Carnelian Coast.[/li][li]Feducci is the [color=#ffffff]Presbyter’s agent in London. [/color][/li][li]The Face-Tailor is also from the Elder Continent.

If anyone has more info, feel free to add to it!