Carnelian Coast coming?

I just returned to London from the Unterzee, and upon reaching the Southern Archipelago, I noticed that the Carnelian Coast option is missing from the list of &quotimpossible&quot destinations. It’s not possible now, either; it’s just gone. But perhaps the next Ambition update will come with a long-awaited visit to the Empire’s outpost?

I really have no idea but that’s apparently been there for a while. In the Empress’s court there was a mention of Port Carnelian (Don’t really remember where though) and that has been there for a long time as well. It might be coming soon but unfortunately I don’t think it will.

I know that the Carnelian option has been in the Southern Archipelago for a while. That’s why I was surprised when I didn’t see the option there last time I returned from the Zee.

Yeah, that’s actually pretty promising. They may have hidden it now that it has whatever the real requirement is.

Oh I think I misread your post then. I apologize.

That’d be great. It’s one of my favourite ports in Sunless Sea.

Sadly it can be the indication that they abandoned the idea. Although I would love nothing more than seeing the entire Sunless Sea implemented in Fallen London!

I don’t think the idea would have been abandoned after teasing it for so long, not unless they rewrite the content referring to you eventually getting sent there to no longer point your character in that direction.

Doubt that. Given the University, the Court, the Foreign Office and the Approach to the Mountain all steer the player there for several years…

Have you seen the Echo Bazaar twitter lately? Looks like the Carnelian Coast is definitely coming…
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Yup! :)