Cardless in Flute Street (no spoilers)

I have reached a certain point in Flute Street, and despite having a full deck of Opportunities and a full Candle, I cannot turn the cards. I assumed this was a bug and sent a message, but it occurs to me this might be an intended part of the game. Have other visitors to Flute Street had the same experience? Can I continue boldly on without fear of missing hidden Opportunities?

That’s right - Flute St is quite cardless. You can, as you say, pursue the visible storylets without fear of missing anything.

My thanks! The advice of experienced explorers is always helpful.

And a helpfull sidenote. Don’t be worried to leave Flute Street due to the amount of time it took to get there. In future visits its one action to get there and one action to leave.

Oh, that IS helpful! Is the entrance fee waived in future visits, too?

It is! It’s an easy trip, once you know the way.

But note that you still have the option of taking the entire trip (without the entrance fee) if you wish, I actually found it somewhat enjoyable, so personally I’m quite happy that they included both options for further visits.

Excellent! Thank you all for sharing your expertise- it has saved me many candles of fretting.

Just a quick thanks - you’ve answered a question that has recently been playing on my mind. I’ve just gained the opportunity to go to Flute Street and was resisting due to the high price. However if that price unlocks a location I can revisit I might rethink my objections, grab my Luminous Neathglass Goggles and see if I can’t find the Fate.

Yes, I was quite happy with that; and with Flute Street in general. I think it’s one of the best fate options released to date.

Ambrose- I heartily recommend Flute Street, even with the high entrance fee. One of Fallen London’s most fascinating corners!