Can't Seem to Advance Name Signed with a Flourish

I have seen this topic covered before, but I think my problem is unusual. I seem to have &quotName Signed with a Flourish&quot at 1, and I would think that would unlock “Commission: Celebrate Fungus in Verse.&quot My Persuasive is more than high enough. It’s 33. Is it possible that it’s too high now, in order to get to write the Mushroom Epic, and I’ve lost my chance? Or am I just not looking in the right place? It’s not in the main Veilgarden list, and under &quotLiterary ambitions&quot all I get are commissions from the church or urchins. No commission to write about fungus. Very frustrating. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Not yet. It looks like you need to progress with either the Jewel Thief or Heiress before you can choose continue.

The fungus commission is only available at Named Signed with a Flourish 0 – and to reach 1, you must complete that commission. However, if your Persuasive was above a certain amount during the period where Named Signed with a Flourish was being implemented, you might have gotten the automatic storylet asking you what point your persuasive pursuits had reached – in which case your Name Signed with a Flourish might have been set to 1 from there rather than from finishing a mushroom epic.