Can't see anything (bug)

[li]When I log into my account, I can’t see anything except for my account name, the &quothelp me&quot button, and the list of Watchful/Shadowy/etc. It only happens when I log on using my personal computer, other computers are fine. Is this a common bug? What causes it? Can I fix it?

This is the first I’ve heard of this bug! You should send an email to so they can hopefully sort things out for you.

Although, just to check -
You haven’t installed any user scripts or extensions recently?

[quote=Parelle]Although, just to check -
You haven’t installed any user scripts or extensions recently?[/quote]
I don’t believe so…

Id check to make sure your computer is reasonably updated in terms of windows updates it can cause some weird problems if it gets to out of date, but if the glitch is only fallen London specific idk

The bug you encountered, is it like the top banner and left hand side column of stats load fine, but you can’t see anything below the main tabs (no loading spinning hat either), “who else is here”, and the snippet sections?

If yes, then I’ve had this problem as well. It happened last year when I switched to a Windows 8 system. For quite some time I wasn’t able to play the game. Sent in bug report. FBG suggested some possible solutions but none worked. Then bang, the problem sorted itself out. Nothing has changed on my part. I’m still using the same system, the same version of firefox.

Sometimes when my internet connection is slow, I’d encounter the same problem again. But most of the time it’s fine. So I guess this won’t be very useful info to you… if it’s just some weird combination of Win 8 system and bad connection. sigh

You could try a VPN or some kind of proxy server, to see if your problem has anything to do with internet connection.