cant play with accounts not linked to facebook??

I added a friend who isn’t connected to facebook onto my friends list but they cant do friend quests with me. Everytime they click to do a friend quest no one comes up for who to invite(i’m also their only friend on there.) they’ve added me to their friend list just as ive added them to mine but only I can invite them to do something. i cant go onto their profiles and apparently they can’t do the same with me(im linked to facebook). Allegedly, when they go to the My Friends tab, all it says is to link with a social network. can someone help me? it really sucks that they can’t invite their fallen london friends to do stuff and they refuse to get a facebook account so…yeah…
Anyways, please help? :)

I can safely say that after a long and seemingly fruitful conversation with support and assurances that things would change to the better (for indeed, I too am one of the unlucky few who seem to be unable to link up with their friends through IDENTITY) they have not done so.

Therefore, I shall leave you with the mental image of a gentleman with a tophat playing a soul-rendingly sad song on a kazoo sitting on a barrel in Spite.

(Leave you as in “the end of this post”, not “leaving fallen london”. Too many mysteries to uncover just yet…!)
edited by Cornuthaum on 10/1/2012

There was a problem with email-authenticated folks and social actions, which is now fixed. Sorry about the trouble.

Indeed it is fixed! A great many celebratory dances were performed, though it is still unclear why nobody appreciates the heartfelt rendition of the Happy Walrus Meets Its Friends.

Related t this main thread… I seem to have lost the link I had between Facebook and the game. I still have a link through Twitter, but when attempting to log into the game using the ‘through FB’ option it just sends me to the ‘Create a new Character’ starting screen.

I am also unable to link to my FB account (just get a strange empty StoryNexus page) or refresh my social contacts from FB (there is no ‘Add From Facebook’ option on the ‘manage your friends list’ page)

I admit that I access the game on a variety of devices, and that none of them are set up exactly the same… I access the game via e-mail on one, , via twitter on another, and on the third I used to be able to use either Twitter or FB (but now only Twitter works).

Should I be linking my FB account to my Twitter account somehow?
…or linking my Twitter account to my Facebook account?
…or is the ability to link to my FB account from within the game just temporarily messed up?