Can't Leave Mirror Marches?

Jack had a few nightmares, so rather than wasting turns with laudanum, I decided to simply let him go to the mirror marches to get the nightmares down. With my last action yesterday, I lost a quality: nightmares. So, today when I logged in to play, I expected to be able to go back to my lodgings as usual. However, there’s no option for that.

I played a few more cards, and even increased nightmares to 1 again, then lost the quality again, and still no option to leave. I could go to a state of some confusion, but I don’t want to lose any of my other dream qualities. My options are to play cards, or on the mirror storylet, I can choose to look at the wooden frame, which is unlocked with Nightmares 1. Apparently the game thinks I have Nightmares 1, but it also thinks that I have Nightmares 0.

What’s up? Am I missing something, or is this a bug? I can’t remember this ever happening with my other characters before.

Are you wearing a Sporing Bonnet?

Oh, how embarrassing to be caught in such outlandish gear in a place like the mirror marches. No wonder they wouldn’t let him leave.

(Ha! Thanks, I totally forgot I put that on to make a quicker visit.)