Can't find option to write short stories

So I have very high stats all around, but my highest is Persuasive at 164. I went a while without playing the game, like a few months, and only recently started playing again in earnest. Before my random hiatus, the way I’d maintained my Notability was writing short stories. But I’ve checked Veilgarden and my Lodgings, and I can’t find the place to start that storylet. Has it been moved, or removed altogether?

You should check your profile under the Story category for a quality named &quotA Name Signed with a Flourish&quot.

If it’s higher than 2 then Writer’s Desk is in Veilgarden but no longer inside the Literary Ambitions storylet but as a freestanding storylet on its own. If it’s less than 2 then you need to write a Mushroom Epic. If it’s exactly 2 then you need to seduce either the Heiress or the Thief and raise the relevant venture quality to 6 or above. Once you do that the Writer’s desk will appear.

If you do not have the quality you should email because you should have it. There was a patch storylet some time ago and I guess it’s conceivable you somehow missed it.
edited by genesis on 10/15/2015

It also should appear in your lodgings, as that is where I’m doing most of my writing.
– Mal

“The Writer’s Desk: work on your story!” is a universal storylet which appears everywhere in London (including your Lodgings) but you need to start the work first using the “The Writer’s Desk: Begin a Work” storylet, which only appears in Veilgarden.

Found it! Thanks!