Can't draw any opportunity cards! (totall newbie)

Ok, so I could never seem to draw cards from my opportunity deck, and somehow it ended up up working for the prison escape tutorial…

But now that I’m in fallen london itself, I cannot draw any at all. I click on the deck and nothing happens. I refresh, and nothing happens. I dry to drag the deck, still nothing. There seems to be no way for me to draw…

At first I thought it was because I had no lodgings, but it seems that even as a homeless guy I still have ONE slot…But I cannot fill it…

This happens to me both when using Firefox AND internet explorer…Am I doing something wrong or am I just bugged for some reason?

PS: I DID clear my cache.

I don’t think it’s you. I’m having the same issue, and have been having trouble connecting all week. It appears to be growing pains on the servers.

Good, so it’s not just me, then… I hope they fix this. As a writer at heart I really want to look into this game and experience what it has to offer.

What little I’ve seen so far intrigues me. ;)

No, the inability to draw Opportunity cards is affecting everyone that I know of. I believe it is part of the problems Failbetter is having at the moment with the StoryNexus system, and should be temporary (at least they’ve said they’re busy trying to resolve it).

Yep don’t feel bad, it is a platform issue at the moment. Also, Welcome!

We’re on it, folks. Sorry about the problems, but we’re fixing.

It seems to be working now! :) Thanks guys!

The recent feature release was a difficult birth. But we think that the tech team have cracked the problems with it. We’ve still got something of an issue with verification mails, but we’re on that. Otherwise we’re good now.