"Can't Discard"

It seems that in addition to any cards related to penalties for seeking the name, I can now also no longer discard “[color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]The vigilant gentlemen in blue[/color]” Anyone else find other cards they can no longer discard?

Nothing yet, aside from the complications involved with the cases. I’m hoping that they’ll add other cards similar to “The vigilant gentlemen in blue” for the other menaces. Not too many cards, but just a few as punishment for not taking care of yourself. Maybe one per menace?

I’m hoping that the ‘bad’ dream cards that appear at Nightmares 6 will be unremovable. It always seemed wrong that you could just ignore them.

Obviously they’ll automatically discard if you get Nightmares down to 5 or lower.
edited by colinsapherson on 12/16/2012

The new Someone is Coming card, the one called “A Gift from the Capering Relicker” can’t be discarded. Curious as to the thoughts behind that one, myself.

I guess when somebody arrives you can’t turn a blind eye on them.