Cannot hunt anything other than a Spider Council?

Friends, acquaintances, enemies, strangers, I have a question. I enjoy hunting unusual beasts, but for some reason the only options I have for hunting once my &quotThe Hunt is On!&quot quality rises to 5 are hunting a spider council and conducting a safari through the marshes. Last I checked, I should have options to hunt all manner of beasts, from Marsh-Wolves to animate fungus. What reason have I to be barred from a variety of quarry?[li]

I have tried traveling back and forth from my lodgings to no avail. I have a base level Dangerous of 95, which I can increase by up to 27 points, for a total of 122. Any point within that range does not seem to reveal the other prey, nor does decreasing my Dangerous down to 75 and in between. I have achieved &quotProcurer of Savage Beasts Gentle Hunter&quot and my &quotAcquiring Exhibits…&quot quality is at 5. What am I to do?

You would not hunt polar bears in the desert; likewise you do not hunt Snuffers in Wolfstack Docks. Explore London and see the buffet of prey available.

Have you accepted Mr. Inch’s invitation to the Labyrinth? I think there’s a point at which following that story closes off the Procurer of Savage Beasts storylets.

Why the Spider-Council is still available would be something of a mystery then, though.

You can hunt rats in Spite, men in Veilgarden, wolves in the marshs, and that is just what I remember off the top of my head. Different prey is in different locations.

Hunting Beasts doesn’t disappear after you accept Mr Inch’s invitation, as of… yesterday, I think.

As for the other beasts; most of them are scattered around London, not just in Wolfstack, but if you still can’t see them then I have no idea.

Oops! Foot, mouth, &c…, then. I remembered the Safari being a Watchmaker’s Hill option for some reason, so didn’t even consider that he may not have explored other locations.

Ahhh I have seen my error! I assumed all prey can only be found in Wolfstack Docks. It appears I have had no problem this entire time. My thanks to everyone.