Cannot get a tattoo

Last year I chose not to get a tattoo, this year I seem to be unable to interact with Liliac at all. Is that intended?

When you say “chose not to get a tattoo” do you mean you didn’t make any choice, or that you chose the “no tattoo at all” option and gained a permanent point of Respectable? The latter means you’re choosing to never get any tattoos, ever – unless you undo that decision with Fate.

I mean the second one. I thought I was choosing between a point of B/D/R not multiple points of B/D and other interesting stories and a point of R and nothing for the remainder of the game.

Wow. That’s pretty harsh. I wish these things had large bold red text that said this is an objectively terrible choice and should only be made for RP reasons. Further you’ll need to spend $10+ to reverse this. ._.
edited by 38thDoE on 2/22/2016

Well, it does say…

“Instead of gaining a tattoo, you may politely refuse Millicent’s offer, and remain with your skin untouched, as God or Nature intended. This will ensure you a point of Respectable. Of course, you’ll have to pay Fate if you change your mind.”

…with the Fate price listed on the same storylet. Although it’s clearly an irreversible choice (without spending Fate), it didn’t warn you that you might be locked out of future content linked to being less Respectable and more tattooed. That’s certainly an argument for letting tattoo-free folks change their mind and lose a point of Respectability in exchange for something else, I guess? I’m in favor of being charitable in such circumstances. However, the same is true of pretty much any irreversible choice in FL – you set your path, and possibly deny yourself some futures. After all, at the moment not even authors of content know exactly what might come (but when creating new content, it’d be polite to take such exclusions into consideration).

I guess I didn’t think it would carry over to future years. I had just started playing during the feast of the rose so I didn’t know to research everything before doing it. ._.

Thanks for taking the time to respond though, appreciated.

As someone who chose not to get at tattoo the first year, I feel your pain.

I know it’s an irreversible choice (bearing fate), etc and I’m ok with that. But it sucks not having any extra content for two years due to not getting a tattoo. Make FotR really boring.