Candles and Rats

Hello fellow dwellers of the Neath. I have been observing (and possibly helping) the growth of this strange plant in my parlour. Recently it has seemed to take an appetite to foxfire candles and rats and I’m afraid that it has rapidly gone through my supplies. Could anybody inform me ways to acquire more of these materials?

Hunt rats in Watchmaker’s Hill by going to the Department of Menace Eradication.

If you haven’t been kicked from court, you can get a lot of candles from creating choral works.

For Foxfire candles, if you build up some connections with the Church and the Bohemians, you can get them from the Kaleidoscopic Church conflict card by seducing the artist’s leader. That might be an easy (if inconsistent) way to build up your supply if you are relatively new to London. If you’re a PoSI, on the other hand, you want Unfinished Business in Veilgarden->An admirer among the clergy, or just straight up trade in Connected: The Church by calling in favours at the Shuttered Palace.

PoSIs can also get rats from Unfinished Business in Spite, without the penalty to Society from rat hunting.

Thanks everyone! This has been really helpful.