Can you opt out of the Tournament of Lilies?

I need a break from this thing before I attack my giant pansy…er, I mean St. John’s lily with a weedwacker. Is there a way to make it so I don’t show up on the list of challengers? Or am I going to have to decline every invitation manually until I once again decide I want to start flushing ungodly amounts of money down the toilet feeding a plant who seems to exist only to give everyone else’s plant something to defeat?

If there’s a way to turn off invites somehow I would really appreciate knowing how to do it before I put my fist through my computer screen. Thanks.

If you plant loses enough battles you could try getting rid of it by selling it in some of the opportunity cards that show up; other than that however I don’t think it is possible to opt out of.

If your Attending to the Needs of a Singular Plant is less than 10 then you cant be invited to tournament challenges. Getting rid of the plant from the opportunity card is going to be the fastest way to get out of the tournament invites as it lowers that quality to basically 0. But if you don’t want to sell all the way down to 0 you can play the options on the opportunity cards that reduce your plant quality a couple of CP at a time until it drops below 10. Of course this will take a lot longer than just selling the plant if you are in a hurry to get out of the tournaments. There is no way to opt out other than by reducing the Attending to the Needs of a Singular Plant quality as described above. The only issue with this is you will draw the plant cards still asking you to level it and those cards only go away if you have the plant quality at 19.

If you want to not draw cards and not get invited to the tournament, manually declining invites is best. You could also send letters to individuals asking them to stop if you are getting repeat invites from anyone specific.
edited by NiteBrite on 10/24/2015

The best way to do this, unfortunately, would be actually progress all the way through the Tournament. As mentioned above, having a Plant level below 19 and you still draw cards. But above 19 and you’re eligible for challenges UNLESS you’re at the last stage of the Tournament, with a prize waiting for you at your lodgings. Down side to that as well, is that you’re then 1 action away from a unique item. So you’d need to go through the tournament again if you wanted to become ineligible and the unique item.

Ah, okay. I was hoping there was something I could click to turn it off for the time being. Guess I’ll just have to decline invites by hand for now. Thanks for your help, everybody.

One thing to remember if you do sell your plant (either on purpose or through a misclick) once you are part of the Tournament you will start getting challenges if you grow another plant to 10.