Can I still 'invite a friend from the surface'?

I remember that there used to be storylets on some places, especifically on Connected pets, that allowed a player to send an invite to ‘a friend in the Surface’ (i.e. someone not playing Fallen London yet). I remember that one of those was available in the card for the Preening Macaw, but I drew it some time ago and the option is not there. I checked the wiki and that content is, in some places, marked as retired. Have these adventures been retired? Is there any way still for me to invite a friend from within the game?

Sadly no, but there is a decent chance they were be returned soon. Just as SMEN came out of hiatus “soon”.

Was there a particular reason cited that they were removed?

I think it had something to do with the app.

Aw, too bad. I hope it comes back soon. Thank you all for replying.