Can I return to beast hunting after Labyrinth?

I was improving “The Hunt is on” when I saw Mr. Inch’s invitation to the Labyrinth of Tigers. I was curious and investigated it, but now all options to hunt savage beasts are gone and I wanted to capture a spider-council. Is there any way to reactivate it or I just failed it forever?

Sorry - there’s no going back to hunting once you’ve opened up the Labyrinth. Sucks, I know.

Thanks for the answer! No fancy achievement for me, then…

There’s a use for it in the fourth coil and also the second or third I think>

It is useful right from the start, in the first coil.
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Is there anything else that might interfere with beast-hunting? I have not yet been to the Labyrinth, and Hunt Is On is >10, but none of the expected beat locations appear to have an option to find them - not even Vielgarden for human prey. What might I be missing?

At Dangerous 121, the “Acquiring Exhibits for the Labyrinth of Tigers” storylets disappear. “The Hunt is On!” progress storylet “Hunting dangerous prey” in Wolfstack Docks and the beast-hunting storylets in other areas are removed as options. You’ve become so very dangerous at 121 that the quarries flee from Fallen London just to avoid you. But at 120, the creatures lounge around shirtless sipping cocktails or something.

Hmm. That’s not it - Dangerous is at 91 including kit. And (for example) the rattus brigands were in Spite not that long ago, but now they’re gone and none of the others appear to be around either - the Docks option for ‘agreed to hunt dangerous prey’ is still there, but no prey appear to currently exist. I guess I’ll check whether there’s a bug somewhere?

That is odd! The storylets to kill or cage a beast should be visible with the Story Quality “Acquiring Exhibits for the Labyrinth of Tigers” and the Progress Quality “The Hunt is On!” at 5 or higher. Definitely report this to the bug team. I hope your issue is resolved quickly!

You only need The hunt is on 5, acquiring exhibits 1 and dangerous 85 for options to show up, so this is decidedly strange. An alt of mine is at Dangerous 95 and is seeing it, so it can’t be that either. Have you tried going to lodgings, then back? If you use any third-party software to change clothing, you might need to move location/visit a different tab for the game to register.

You need Dangerous 96 or so to get the letter so that can’t be it… Is your ‘The hunt is on’ too high? otherwise it’s probably a strange bug.

Thanks, folks. No third-party clothes addons (although that sounds very useful!), and all the other criteria are met: Hunt Is On at 9 now, and so on. So I took Aximillo’s advice and went back via lodgings: voila, options appear. Success! [Also, odd; but resolved - thanks again :)]

Great. I followed Mr. Inch’s storyline to the labyrinth and the hunting options are gone. Now I read this…

I like it that there are consequences in this game. But if there is not the slightest hint, that you just discard a whole set of storylets, when you proceed here - especially as a person with lots of dangerous - I’m pretty dissapointed. And not in an positive way for immersive gameplay.

[quote=Failbetter]See what the veteran beast-wrangler has to say. [Note: you may wish to finish up any beast-hunting before you do this. Fresh adventures await!][color=rgb(255, 255, 255)][/color][/quote]That’s the text displayed on the option to open Mr Inch’s letter. I think it counts as a hint.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be disappointed, but I don’t think it’s entirely fair to blame Failbetter for this one. There is also a clear in-story reason why you’d stop acquiring animals for Mr Inch at this point. You’ll find out in the Fourth Coil.
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Damn. Sorry. Then I really missed that one :-(

Easily done. I also regret not capturing more beasts, although in my case that’s more because of lack of patience than anything else.