Can I Know?

From time to time I am blessed to receive multiple gifts, such as Boxed (possible) Cats. If I have two, does the game keep track of which person sent me which? For example, is the first box I open the first or second box that I accepted? Or is there no way of telling?[li]

Obviously , this doesn’t matter for game mechanics, but it matters, to me, for RP purposes.

(And yes, I could accept-open-accept to keep things straight, but I do so love having a giant pile of tantalizing boxes!)

As gifts like Boxed Cats just grant a generic item on acceptance I don’t believe there’s any record of who sent which. My preferred method for dealing with such situations is to treat opening boxes as if done in the order they were received.

Thanks, Optimatum, I thought that was how the mechanic worked, but I wanted to make sure. I shall adopt an opening order rule.