Byron or Wilde

Well both are pretty narcissistic but in different ways. In a fight between these two, I think Lord Byron would win but only assuming there’s a mirror near by. Verbal fight is questionable. And although I think you should punch Wilde and avoid Byron, there is this meme that says no one wins with Wilde. As for literature, Wilde’s sass is legendary and always worth reading to me over Lord Byron’s works.

Both brilliant writers; both inspired political commentators; both made extremely questionable decisions in their personal lives.

Give me a funny Irishman any day of the week.

Byron, but only because he fathered Ada Lovelace, who in turn inspired my all-time favorite graphic novel.

Consider: Wilde’s syphilis caused him to look like a zombie (an appearance that made a striking, revolting impression on Arthur Conan Doyle of all people), whereas Byron ridiculously died fighting for Greek independence (for the…romantic aesthetic) and has this even more ridiculous painting of himself

There’s not much evidence that Wilde had syphilis that I know of. I suspect it’s one of those historical canards that appear sometimes. (Also, death by illness seems to have been the standard for soldiers pre-modern medicine.)

You have the advantage of me there, and I’m happy to take your word for it.