Buying people at store?

I saw that in the Bazaar you can buy humans! Does that mean if you buy them they live with you now xD?

[li]They are commonly referred to as &quotpets&quot by players. They can be equipped to modify your stats.

I think it’s more like you’re hiring them to work for you. Whether they live with you is up to you to decide (I’ve decided all my character’s companions live with him…just because the idea of all those weird people and animals all crammed into a giant snail shell house together is funny)

Ever read the Voyages of Doctor Dolittle? That’s always the image I get here.

The &quotPets&quot category was renamed to &quotCompanion&quot a long time ago.

It is, but I suspect that you, like me, have many more houses than the Znail Zhell. I just figure that the ones I like best are living in whichever property I’m inhabiting, and the others are spread out among the rest.