buying nex

I find myself with a rather large Amazon Payments balance, but can’t seem to find a way to directly buy Nex with it. If anyone could point me in the right direction to do this, I would be overjoyed.

Relevantly, what are the best uses of Nex? (Given that I’ve unlocked all the first and second tier areas, have POSI (and roughly appropriate stats) on my main, and am almost done building my Zubmarine) Ideally I’d like to focus on unlocking new and delicious prose from our beloved benefactors.

The Trade in SOuls gives access to extra lore all throughout the game, as well as some useful opportunities. That’s probably the best return on a Nex purchase I’ve gotten. Next up would probably be the Fated continuation of the Theological Husbandry stories in the Labyrinth of Tigers.

are amazon payments like giftcards? if so, they’re really only good for online amazon purchases. maybe buy some items that are trending, and can be resold quickly on amazon 2nd-hand, or try your luck on ebay.

The Labyrinth of Tigers, Flute Street would be my top buys. After that there’s House of Chimes stories and Uncovering secrets framed in gold in my opinion. Soul Trade is much nicer before you’ve passed the extra unlocks, but yeah, that’s worth considering too.
edited by Aximillio on 7/6/2014

So Secret Framed in Gold is a worthy storyline, correct?

It’s one of the interesting storylines. It’s once-only, however, so remember that before buying it. But yeah, I would say so.