Burning Ink

If you were to get a correspondence tattoo, what symbol would it be?

Answers can be in character or player!

Feel free to propose correspondence sigils in this thread alongside the known ones!

for reference:
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I’d get the rude tattoo that the Pirate Poet can give you on your underpants region in Sunless Sea.

Hrmm, a burning ink sensation in your underpants region?

Aren’t there shots for that? (or are they out of period? history of medicine anyone?)

Louis Pastuer is scheduled to die in one year ingame (1895,) so it’s safe to say that vaccines are already in existence.

&quotAll shall be well and all shall be well and all the manner of things shall be well.&quot

It would pretty much have to be in Correspondence, because doing it in English is just asking for an embarassing typo or seven.

I wonder what effect that’d have passionario. judging on the sigil ridden navigator, correspondence tats affect their host. yours could mean good luck! or something worse based on interpretation.

“a sentiment that is chiefly curiosity but is experienced as infatuation”

If you’re gonna put burning ink on your person, might as well make it the official mark of SCIENCE!!!

“An action that is both mocking and loving.”

“To eternally circle the object of your affection.”
“Lost in a night which never sees starlight.”
And maybe “A willing sacrifice.”

And someone had to say it,
“A reckoning not to be postponed indefinetly.”

[quote=Infinity Simulacrum]&quotTo eternally circle the object of your affection.&quot
&quotLost in a night which never sees starlight.&quot
And maybe &quotA willing sacrifice.&quot

And someone had to say it,
&quotA reckoning not to be postponed indefinetly.&quot[/quote]

3/4 of those are basically calling for you to get effed over, real hard. I mean, why’d you want to call yourself a sacrifice, and get lost in the LoN?

As a player, I went for “Hurtling forever towards the Earth”, just because I like both the look and the idea behind it.

“Mind consumed and reforged by chaos” a.k.a The Nark of Madness.

Gonna make the world a fun place with it’s insanity inducing properties! Unicorn horns FOR ALL!

A thing which is empty, whose purpose is to be filled.

I prefer to stay PEGI but it must be said, &quotgiggity&quot.