Building a Zubmarine

It’s perhaps a bit late to be asking, considering I’ve already got 20 whirring contraptions saved up, but has anyone else tried building a zubmarine? What benefits does it provide compared to other ships?

Directly, it increases Bizarre. Indirectly, you have a slightly safer journey than any other ship. (The Yacht is more profitable/luxurious; the clipper is faster; and the steamer has less cards, which makes trips more reliable)

Safer is nice, seems I made a good choice then.

If you just want to cross, safer is nice. If, however, you want to reach the storm-tossed depths of the ocean, safer is a liability. Then again, so is speed. The zubmarine is a pretty decent choice really.

The Troubled Waters quality is easily ignored, though; it’s very rare for it to actually rise to a problematic level (11) before the end of your journey. Personally, I prefer the clipper; it provides a significant speed boost without any extra increase in Troubled Waters. And the most common complaint about sailing the Unterzee is that it’s action-consuming, not that it’s dangerous.

Still, though, feel free to make your own decisions. The Zubmarine does provide a number of useful options on other cards, and the +2 bizarre can come in handy.

There are reasons to want to get Troubled Waters high however, for seeking a certain animal I believe.

Can you build multiple ships?

A Lady that plans for the future

Sadly no, the Masters only allow you to posses one ship at a time, so you’ll have to part with your current ship if you want a different type.

Just a quick note, Little The is incorrect, the zub only gives +1 to bizarre.
Also the answer to Ms. Frost’s question is no - one ship at a time.

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