Bug: Game freezes at Mutton Island

I have just started playing the beta. Mutton Island was the first dock I discovered. However, as soon as I press the dock key, the log book pops up asking me the initial &quotwho were you&quot question. I am unable to move past it, close it, click on anything else at all (other tabs on the lorebook, the storylets on the right side, etc), or even press escape to reach the main menu. Even the music stops dead.

I can only do a force quit of the entire game, which, of course doesn’t save my progress and takes me right back to the beginning of the game.

I tried the island three separate times, and this happened immediately after pressing dock. Below is a screenshot.

Edit: Same thing at Hunter’s Keep. Keeps reverting me back to page 1, so to speak, with no way to click on anything.

Any advice?

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Huh, I think you’re playing an old build of the game. A later build addresses this bug, so maybe you could try getting the latest version?

I am using v0.1.1.1056. When I select &quotload new game&quot and am say yes to the option to check for updates, I am told I am using the most recent version of the game. Is this not the most recent?[li]

If it’s not, is there some other way to update content that I’m missing?
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You need to download newer version from either Humble Bundle or wherever you downloaded the beta from and current version is v0.1.2.1066. Will also have to run the updater from menu once patched and start a new game,

Hope that helps
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