Buckets of Neathy Snow lead to Destinies!

Ummm, could someone answer my question? Please…

[quote=Corvo]Ummm, could someone answer my question? Please…[/quote]More &quotsnow&quot will fall later - once a week, I think I saw somewhere. If only weather in the real world were quite so predictable.

You can also buy it from the Urchins on their card. I’ve been collecting snow this way.

As people have answered the Neathy snow question I presume you mean your other question

&quotmmm, so there is an item requirement to obtain the destinies? &quot

Sorry to say I don’t know the answer

Different destinies have different requirements, largely quality- rather than item-related. The Parabola-related branches require either experience in the Wars of Illusion or martial alliances in Diocesan Intrigue. The Masters of the Bazaar branch is only open to Scholars of the Correspondence who are also members of Mr Pages’ Reliables. Most individual destinies have no requirements, once you’ve unlocked their branch - the only exceptions I can think of are one requiring Acquaintance: The Captivating Princess, one requiring Committed, and the SMEN one. And whatever Passion’s requirements are.

Ok, thank you all and sorry for bothering so much

As a slight tangent, I wish the Torment Destiny said “It will not end well for you” instead of the current text. That seems like it would be creepier in my opinion.

[quote=Zephyr15]Well, the extremely stringent conditions can just mean you need to have something, or things, that are extremely specific, like with the penultimate (for now) bit of SMEN content with the proscribed materials. The bazaar seems, to be obsessed with love stories, and the future IS passion, so what if we just try brainstorming stuff related to that for now?
The first things that come to mind for me are:
Touching Love Stories (also romantic notions I guess)
Momento of Passion
The Committed quality (also Intimate of Devils, but I doubt that’s ivolved)

And thats all I can think of for now. You guys?[/quote]
I suggested it before, and I will suggest it again: The Fascinating… progress quality. Possibly at a quite high level. Seems likely that few people would have that quality at a significantly higher level than needed for any of the regular stuff, since usually it all goes away when used. Apparently you need certain levels of that to approach certain people at the Empress’ Court, so it seems like it could be required to approach the Bazaar as well. Possibly combined with the presence or absence of other qualities and circumstances. The &quotluck&quot part might even have something to do with Airs of London.

Reading the wikia I also stumbled upon one card where having a single level of Fascinating… meant that you have someone waiting for you in the land of the living, so it helps reducing Wounds on that boat I’ve never been on. I’d say that sets a precedence for Fascinating… equalling a certain passion.

Regarding passionate things:

Sufficient notability - because they love you
A Tragedy of Romance
Bazaar and love stories
Celebrated artist’s model

One or more of these may be related?

‘A Clear Path’ is reset by Time, The Healer.


On Hallowmas, I received three &quotVisitors at Hallowmas&quot cards and got a Possible Destiny; but I never drew the card which would give me a Destiny. Now, I took a glance of the bucketful of lacre I had received from the advent calendar, wanted to choose a Destiny but could not decide which one my character would prefer, and chose &quotperhaps not&quot. The bucket seems to have disappeared. My Destiny seems to be evading me.

I think that once you had met your visitor, the next step was a storylet and not a card, so you shouldn’t have been able to miss it!

[quote=Karhumies]… and chose &quotperhaps not&quot. The bucket seems to have disappeared. [/quote]When you draw a card that sends you to a storylet, it sometimes warns you that the card might disappear if you &quotperhaps not&quot out of the storylet. I’m guessing that might apply to anything that sends you to a storylet instead of resolving the action straight from the card’s/item’s menu.

IIRC, a deadline was announced when the &quotVisitors at Hallowmas&quot card would stop appearing in the deck. I did not realize this meant the storylet disappearing as well. Also, I had one &quotVisitors at Hallowmas&quot card extra in my hand for a couple of months, since I did not realize how to increase my Making Waves into 5 to play it. IIRC, I wanted to play that before using the storyline, but I had to deal with my nightmares first (MW too low; Nightmares too high) and the storyline expired in the meanwhile.

As an aside, I decided to take this option with a bucket of “snow” I had lurking at my door. I’m still working my way through my destiny vision, but as an aside, the Castle of Forests has a really lovely piece of art for the location banner.

Bit of rambling on my part ahead! So, I dug out the deck of cards I got from the Silver Tree Kickstarter, with the idea of integrating them into a tabletop game. Looking through them, I realised “Heeyyyy, wait a minute - all of the Destinies are in here!” The Revelation, Authority, The Instrument, The Memory… and what’s the very last card I turned over while looking through? Passion. So, basically, imagine a grown man shaking a playing card and shouting “WHAT ARE YOUR SECRETS?!”

The next step is to purchase a Semiotic Monacle in real life.