Buckets of Neathy Snow lead to Destinies!

+5 Persuasive, looks like a Romantic Notion, sits on Alexis Kennedy’s mantelpiece taunting us.

eyetwitch But I MUST KNOW. :p

Considering the requirements for the dreams were all linked to Making Waves, I have no wonder if maybe Passion requires a certain level of Notability? Alongside, perhaps, a rare-ish quality, like the WoI, Reliables of Mr Pages, and the fatelocked Husbandry.[li]

Does the lacre destiny re-do let you start from picking a visitor again?

I had Alight with Passion when I did the Parabola storylets. Instead, I got the Gleam destiny. I guess Passion is not linked to Parabola or I missed other prerequisites.

[quote=Alexis Kennedy]
I will add that the Passion destiny is at the thematic heart of the entire Fallen London mythos, and it can be found through Glimpse of the Future, without clever access codes or other metastrategies. It just has an extremely stringent precondition. [/quote]

That’s pretty much all there is to go on for Passion. Alexis being cryptic, obtuse and confusing? never

I missed the bit about it being available through Glimpse of the Future, which I guess means its NOT an undiscovered visitor, and is definitely an undiscovered option in the dreams we know?

&quotThematic heart&quot of the Fallen London mythos? Maybe we should try guessing at that. Romances never end well? Romances can turn out okay despite hardship? (&quotThere may still be something beautiful&quot sounds pretty optimistic) Be careful what you wish for? Don’t make deals with the devil? Make the stories or they will be made for you? The vanes thing?[li]
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Could involve creating your own powerful love story, somehow. Giving the Bazaar what it truly needs?

Oh, that does sound interesting. How, though? You can create a love story in The Liberation of Night, but that may just be a continuation. And that’s the only option unlocked by Committed, so…I’ve got nothing. Maybe there’s something in The Chill of the Void? That’s

a destiny where you interact directly with the Bazaar

after all.

I think the bazaar and love stories are definitely the thematic heart of Fallen london. Maybe ti involves to marry oneself to the Bazaar?

The only thing I can think of that would require an inhuman amount of effort is Hesperidean Cider, or the Taste of the Garden it brings.

That would certainly fulfill the &quotextremely stringent precondition&quot requirement. Perhaps you need to be immortal before the Bazaar will accept you as a suitor…

Wasn’t there someone who got Hesperidean Cider from The Silver Tree kickstarter? Did they see anything interesting?[li]
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If it is limited to a specific dream, I’d wager it’s almost certainly the Long Road, since it has you venturing to the place where the Fifth City will supposedly “live on” witb the Bazaar.

Can anyone confirm/deny this yet?

Well, the extremely stringent conditions can just mean you need to have something, or things, that are extremely specific, like with the penultimate (for now) bit of SMEN content with the proscribed materials. The bazaar seems, to be obsessed with love stories, and the future IS passion, so what if we just try brainstorming stuff related to that for now?
The first things that come to mind for me are:
Touching Love Stories (also romantic notions I guess)
Momento of Passion
The Committed quality (also Intimate of Devils, but I doubt that’s ivolved)

And thats all I can think of for now. You guys?

Hmmm, so there is an item requirement to obtain the destinies? Still, it’s a good chance for those whom couldn’t get a destiny for their chars or their alts (my case being the latter)

EDIT: Anyone knows where I can get more neathy snow? I wasted mine trying to raise my trait of &quotthe taste of lacre&quot by eating it…
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In a brainstorming mode: there’s the Classic Short Story. That requires a lot of determination, and the final check is luck-based. I had one at Hallowmas, though, and didn’t see an option that required it. Would it need multiple copies? I doubt many players bothered writing more than one.

Also: what if, rather than requiring us to have something, it requires that we NOT have it? For example:

  • Not a Bringer of True Death
  • Ruthless of 0
  • Heartless of 0

Corvo: The only way I know of to get more snow is on the Urchins opportunity card, but it’s VERY expensive. Otherwise, I think we’ll get a pail each week when it snows again.

[quote]mayexist wrote:
Is it possible to change the Torment destiny without losing Destin’s?

Can anyone confirm/deny this yet?[/quote]
Looks like I can… the answer is NO. You lose that as of now twice-non-existing thingymabob along with the noose. :/ …

… Sadly There Be No Bugs There. :D

Reshemin, I salute your sacrifice (of nothing) in the name of science! :D salutes

…oh please, do not praise me for correcting my own failures in search of a better destiny, as this is something i totally have not done for science but for way more tangible reasons :D

… and it should take no effort to regain non-existing candles. Sort of.

[Edit: Hell, this is sort of buggy with the formatting, this thing, innit?}
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