I am curious to see if any trends in the letters come up, and its a good way to get a quick read on someone regardless. I am an ENTP here. Intelligent, quick, and a little bit (read massively) argumentative.

How about you guys?

INFP here! Known for inventiveness, acute perception and perfectionism. (Oh, and feelings. Plenty of them.)

I am not here. I was never here. This I whisper in your ear.
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Everyone playing FL and making this test will be an IN^^, why bother.

E/I (I’m a true 50-50 split)NFP (never been a J in my life).

I actually took two paid tests (as in the professionally scored ones) and came up as an E to my surprise (as I’ve always thought myself an I). The latter test, just to clarify,gave me 50-50 on EI.
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ENFP (though I sometimes get ENFJ, depending on the test)

I’m an ENFP and I am unused to this much company. Nearly all my friends are INFJ.

Just took one now and got ENFJ as my result.

I took a few tests and always got INTP as a result. It seems pretty accurate!
It so strange to see so many similar results. I guess a niche game like Fallen London only attracts a certain type of people.

I consistently get INFP. Seems pretty accurate.

IN (T/F) J (50-50 split)

Myerr-Briggs is always fun. We should have a poll to see if there really is a trend!


Yet another INTP. Technically I’m almost a 50/50 split between N and S, but N fits me more.
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INTP. I agree with Mr Avalon above, I would be astonished to find many long-term players of FL who do not have the N. Probably followed by P and I, with T/F being the most variable. But without a systematic poll, that’s just speculation.

– Mal

INTP, The Architect.

I really should have done a poll… No matter, I’ll tally up results here and there and give you all some lovely, N-pleasing numbers to mull (or kill) over later.

ISFJ, The Protector

I seem to be the odd (wo)man out, so far :P

I tend to INT(J/P) whenver I take any of those tests.

ISFP, if the tests are to be believed.
Sticking out together with Kukapetal here =)

ISFP? Doesn’t feel very accurate to me, though.