Breeding pets at the Labyrinth of Tigers

I currently have the fate locked empyrean solution and don’t yet have access to Flute Street. What animals am I missing at the moment?

I have these -

  1. Hyaena, plated seal, tomb lion
  2. Hound of heaven
  3. Ocelot, dream hound, stallion

Is this all I can breed at the moment or am I missing something?

That’s everything. Flute Street lets you obtain the Rubbery Hound, breed it for the Ocular Toadbeast, and that is one component of the Bifurcated Owl.

Thank you for your ever helpful and fast replies!

Another question about the obdurate stallion - I’ve had it for a while and receive the opportunity card to ride it quite often. Is there any other card that it unlocks? I haven’t seen it yet, is it pure bad luck or missing something?

There is indeed another card it unlocks. Might be slightly on the rare side, though it will show itself eventually! Just keep an eye out.

Thank you!