Breeding Beasts

I’m wondering if in the 4th Coil I breed my Somnolent Hyaena and lose it, will I be able to catch another one in the 2nd coil? Can I try breeding hyaenas in the various circumstances or do I only get one go at it?

You can reacquire any of the breeding beast and infinite number of times.

Oh thank goodness! I got attached.

Most (possibly all) can only be held one at a time though. I’ve just got my 6th Plated Seal for breeding.

how do you get the Plated Seal?

Linger at Zee until it gets very mad :)


what’s very mad? 10? more?

As some say, the size matters not. What is important is for the zee to unleash its fury. You should hear an outstanding loud, yellow thump, if that makes any sense.
edited by Alexander von Brennenburg on 6/5/2012

The three stages of the zee are, I believe, “Calm Seas” (0-6), “Lashing Waves” (7-10), and “Fury of the Unterzee” (11 and up).

While you are at Fury of the Unterzee, many cards may reset your progress to zero, so be careful; you’ll be looking for a yellow-bordered opportunity card with a picture of played seal on it.

THANKS! got one! if I hang out flipping cards can I get another or do I have to lose this one before I can get another?

You have to lose your plated seal before you can breed another. This also holds true for tomb-lions, somnolent hyenas and rubbery hounds.