Brass Manacle

I just got a gold bordered card i never saw before and was wondering if it was new. It allowed me to partake in a honey dream to visit the regretful soldier while he was [SPOILER][color=#ffffff] a prisoner on the devil’s barge. [/color]Has anyone else seen this card yet? after i made a choice on it will i get to see it again and choose to talk to someone else?

I think that card’s new, but it’s surely linked to his House of Chimes storyline. If you haven’t already done so, you can become an Exceptional Friend and continue the story there.
edited by Patrick Reding on 3/7/2012

I’m already an exceptional friend and i thought i finished his storyline there. I’m just wondering if I’ll get to see the same card again and learn about the other three people I could have spoken too. Has anyone seen this card twice?

For the record, i chose to speak to [SPOILER] [color=#ffffff]Feducci. seems like there is more to his story than i suspected.[/color]

Oh, you mean that card. No, that’s normal. It’s just the conclusion. And you only get to play it once, sadly.

I made the same choice as WintersNight, and was very disappointed to lose my manacles. I had thought that perhaps it was only the last option that cost them, and that I had thus missed out on other content by rushing to the end (it seemed the most intriguing.) It’s somewhat comforting to know that isn’t the case - but I do still wish I could have seen the other stories.

Well, I can’t actually confirm that, since I also spoke with Feducci. Understandable, since the card came up soon after I [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]crushed him under a collapsing temple, sliced him up, burned the pieces, and kept his skull as a souveni[color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]r[/color] in a Black Ribbon fight. [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]N[/color]ot that it stopped him from coming back[/color], of course.

By the way - Is Feducci’s first name Jason, perhaps? XD