Brass Buttons

Hello, and good evening to all.
I am in need of a certain, large quantity of brass buttons. 5000 of them to be specific, for a rather merry gentleman.
Could someone mayhaps be able to give some brass buttons to me? Or if this is not possible, at least advice a good way to acquire them in large amounts and with due haste?
my profile is:

Thank you in advance

It is not possible to give you brass buttons. It is also the wrong option anyway.

You need a certain key.

But first, you need a ship.

Then this task shall prove somewhat more difficult.
Any advice on entering the docks and adquiring a ship?

Get all your stats to 100 if they aren’t already, and become a Person of Some Importance. By then you should have access to Wolfstack Docks (or it should be reasonably easy to gain access), and you can begin your quest for a ship. I’d recommend the Rusty Tramp Steamer to start out with; later on you can sell your ship to get the one you like the most.

You need to become a Person of Some Importance (POSI) first. To do this, raise any of your four main stats to 100 (the help of equipment is permitted), then start looking through your card deck for a blonde lady.

Thank you all

I believe (I’m also at this stage of the ambition, and on the process of acquiring a ship) that giving him your dreams also works, in case raising those happens to take you less time than to become a PoSI and acquire a ship. It’s a matter of luck on drawing dream cards.

Indeed it does, I had forgotten about that!


If you value those qualities at all, though, the price is too high, and the story will soon require the ship anyways. it may be theoretically possible to continue with just the polythreme ferry for some time yet, but it’s highly inconvenient, and the story gets progressively more expensive from here on. For most people, it’d be wiser to buy the ship, and put the ambition on hold until then.

Also, the text when you turn the brass in might be interesting to you, though it’s probably just a waste of 45 echoes of goods. It’s no bold revalation, no prophecy from heaven, but it is a little, interesting, moment of characterization.
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