Brand Names in the Neath

I’m trying to compile a list of the various Capitalistic Companies in the Neath, and what they do. (As opposed to, say, the Hollow Temple or Wind-Come-Calling, which don’t seem to be about business so much as swapping stories.) I’ll be happy to update this list as I go, if people want to chime in.

So far:

Iron and Misery Company. Keeps a funging station (funging refers to fungi - surprise!) to harvest bolegus shrooms for building materials and kirralee (something medical). They also make engines. I have this theory that they are responsible for Harbour Provisioners (which must be a chain), though I could be persuaded otherwise.

Mrs Plenty. Supplies for zailors. Spore-toffee. Rubbery Lumps, infamously.

Mr Murgatroyd’s. Foodstuffs. Fungal crackers, fungal tea, fungal beer. Has a teashop in the Khanate. Also sells Vegetable Vivication Elixir.

Trump & Fotheringay. Meat pie. Given this is the Neath, I’m assuming it’s made of rat.

Bultitude’s House of Vision. Sells lights. Not candles, lights.

Caminus Yards. Mr Fires owns a company for selling you guns. And indentured rats.

Leadbeater and Stainrod. A reputation for cheap and nasty products? Guns.

Cotterel & Hathersage. Rather better guns.

Stampshod’s. They make a prong launcher.

Carrow’s. Where you buy products made by the above three companies.

Wolfstack Exchange. Seems to be the port-side extension of the Bazaar.

Dockside Market. Port Carnelian. Ditto above.

Arcade of Sighs. The Venderbight version of same. This one is staffed by multiple merchants though, so it’s more of a shopping mall.
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Baseborn & Fowlingpiece are going to sue.

Don’t forget Cheese. Cheese is important.

When preparing dinner, you can go buy Cheese from The Bonsworths:


  • Maywell’s Hattery[/li][li]Gottery the Outfitter[/li][li]Nassos Zoologicals[/li][li]MERCURY (boots)[/li][li]Nikolas Pawnbrokers[/li][li]Merrigans Exchange[/li][li]Dauncey’s[/li][li]Fadgett & Daughters[/li][li]Crawcase Cryptics[/li][li]Penstock’s Land Agency

Let’s not forget the Echo Bazaar, folks.

A whole mess of establishments are listed here:

I suspect Sunless Sea shops like Wolfstack Exchange, Dockside Market and Arcade of Sighs refer to locations where markets are held rather than being specific businesses.

Oh, we did have a thread! Fab!


I started that thread to list locations rather than businesses - it lists specific shops, but not companies, unless we’re told where they’re headquartered. A lot of it is street names and public buildings.

Don’t forget Soothe & Cooper for long boxes!

Don’t see it metioned anywhere, but Abaddon & Bael is Hell’s major trading company.

There’s the Great Downward Engineering Company, too. They might not have so great a presence at zee but they’re formidable in the field of terrestrial industry.

There’s Hathhorn’s Sporage in Spite (formerly Hathhorn & Son, dollmakers).

The Iron Republic: imports madmans and souls. Exports Nevercold Brass and some higher form of madmans.
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There’s also FF Gebrandt’s line of quality pharmaceuticals. Consider FF Gebrandt’s Verdant Stimulator–“Rare, immensely expensive and technically illegal, this stuff would make a boulder bloom.” Also FF Gebrandt’s Tincture of Vigour and Superior Laudanum. I’d hate to think of what my head would feel like after indulging in inferior, or even ordinary, laudanum.

I’ve always thought of the Wolfstack Exchange as London’s defacto stock market?

And yet strait-laced Victorian novels are awash with the stuff, and Queen Victoria was a fan.

[quote=dov]Don’t forget Cheese. Cheese is important.

When preparing dinner, you can go buy Cheese from The Bonsworths:

Until I’m told otherwise, I’m going to assume that the Bonsworths have also cornered London’s cream market.