Boosting my connections

So yes, I know there are hints as to where I can get my connections boosted with certain organizations in mouseover text, but it feels like they only list hints at a bare handful of ways. Finding out what Connected: qualities are named at higher levels is my current goal while waiting for new content to increase. Specifically I’m talking about raising my connections with The Docks, The Tomb-Colonies, and Urchins. Three factions I absolutely love. What storylets (besides opportunity cards) can I start looking into when I’ve hit the very edge of content boundaries to make better friends with these folks? Please note that I am at least at connected: 20 for all of them, so the carnival and items are right out, since I don’t feel like completely drying up all my fate in a matter of minutes.
Many thanks!

With the change to the conflict cards, you could level the opposing connections through the carnival, then betray them to boost the connection you want.

I agree with Urthdigger: it seems like a good way of doing it is sacrificing connections you can build up quickly (either with items or whatever) and play with conflicts. It’s one use for those cards, anyway!

That is especially true now that those cards are no longer a negative-sum game.

I had only just discovered this, much to my delight. I will no longer be discarding these on sight. I wonder how many other cards have changed that I habitually drop?

Exile to the Tomb-Colonies now grants you connections with them. :)

Well, as with most connections you can get a start at the carnival, and there are items to raise it. In addition, just about anything that has you helping spies furthers your great game connections. I believe working for the cheesemonger is one such opportunity. Sadly, it does appear to be one of the more difficult connections to raise, most of the things I’m thinking of appear through opportunity cards.