Black Phillip Kills The Masters In The Masters Den

Confession time.

How many of you who are goated (over, uber or hepta) have named yours Black Phillip? I have just started my Overgoat grind, and want to know just how unimaginative my name choices are.

Don’t know if anyone else has had that idea, but it’s definitely a fun and fitting name choice, especially for an Ubergoat!

Aye, true. Proper coat color!

(For anyone else as clueless as me, they’re talking about this.)



My Heptagoat is going to be named David.

Come to think of it, nearly all my pets have fairly normal, “people” names.

The infernal goatgods reserve a special hell for those who mock their goats with comedic names!

Mr. Skaggles is a perfectly fine name and I refuse to consider otherwise :P

How… special.

The Caprine Courier believes that respecting everyone’s names are important. Even if they decide not to follow the patented fallen london naming structure.

Ginneons Hübergoat goat me laughing.