Black Crown

Having answered the questionnaire at the Black Crown page, I find myself impatient to learn more. Does anyone know when the game will be opened up? The best estimates I can find say May; there isn’t a lot of May left, I’m aware, but see above-mentioned impatience!

You could download “Lincoln’s Bedsheet” from Amazon in the meantime. It’s a free e-book, a short-story tie-in with Black Crown.

[color=#009900]Ms Vaincœur is correct.[li][/color]

[color=#009900]Further: Black Crown will be launching tomorrow. The press embargo will end at this point, and you can expect to hear more…[/color]

there is also this other ebook what came out earlier today

weirdly i managed to get a Black Crown error message when trying to log in to FL earlier i have no idea what happened there

I look forward to playing yet another infectious game by FBG :)

The story went on a lot of tangents, but from what I understood Abraham’s bedsheets is about the president having some sort of disease and boiling other humans to sustain himself.

Looks kinda interesting, but the main text on the home page hurts my eyes with the low contrast…

Lincoln’s Bedsheet was a disturbing tail, and I felt disturbed by it. The Black Crown Project is similarly disquieting. It’s like a game where everyone is a Seeker, and every direction is North.

Except you don’t get a chance to turn back. &quotDisquieting&quot is a very good word for it. It’s pretty much incomprehensible so far, but definitely eerie.

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