Bitter Saker Falcon

I’ve lost my falcon. :( Do I ever get him back?

Considering I got the falcon during the Kickstarter campaign o totally resent losing him.

If you lost him as the result of a storylet about sending him hunting, yes, he will be back soon, with a goody for you. :-)

There might have been a bug. If you got sent outside of London while he was out hunting, for example.
I lost mine that way a while back and FBG was quick to mend the problem.
E-mail if the living story doesn’t bring him back any time soon.

The living story in question takes exactly 3 days to bring your Falcon back. And by bring your Falcon back, I mean give you a quality that lets you get your Falcon back via your lodgings.

I lost my falcon for months, and when I eventually realised I emailed and they quickly restored it.