Betrothal to prosody

I hail you, commons,
no more I rehearse;
henceforth my comments
shall all be in verse.

This man’s inspiration
much further can’t flee;
if such his vocation
thus shall it now be.


I admire your wit,
and hope you don’t quit,
but submit bug reports like that and Alexis may fit.


Edit: not implying you would. Was at a loss for an ending rhyme.
edited by babelfishwars on 12/20/2013

Do not be so worried, so sadly strict:
if you do think you’re over, so be it.[li]
edited by Xaphedo on 12/21/2013

You question in cross-rhyme
And answer in kind?
That idea is most fine
And shows a sharp mind.

This noble endeavour
Shall bring much delight;
Add poetic flavour
to forumspent night!

What is your meter?
Have you settled on just one,
Or will you change it?

I find variety can be quite nice
Some forms of verse do lend themselves to this
Those conversational in tone are good
While others with their structures more precise
Can be more difficult to work within.
There is a reason those in Shakespeare’s day
Decided that blank verse was there to stay.

I may vary cadence, I use consonance,[li]
regular, elegiac, some so-praised blank,
or ruled by when ruling was France,
I will and shall vary, let me be frank.

a certain gentleman named Xaphedo
announced to us today that he’d-o
only post here in rhyme
and while I think that’s fine
is the thread and such something we need-o?

To rhyme is a form of reason,
available even to us common peasants,
where our thoughts flow
from our brain to the mouth below

With such quirks, our world is enhanced
Enchanted and reworked, with nary but a glance.
So to the original poster, the poetic Xephedo,
Continue to rhyme, continue to go.

(DAYUM it is hard to rhyme)

In prose - alone - to praise ambitious would be
so kind, dapper, lofty, canny regards;
your effort to me shall schooling well be:
never forfeit what did complacence reward.
To those who chose pragmatic critique
(whether or not my announcing belongs)
I ask if fit would this have been sleek
or if diverse places or ways or forms
would rather have been both dazzling and wronged.

(Writing unrhymed’s so much of a very new harass,
granting rhythm is harsh for this lengthy blank verse…)