Betrayals For Connected: Masters of the Bazaar

Halloween is a great time of the year to advance your Masters Connection, but it’s easy to feel guilty about doing something that will have a negative impact on other players. This thread exists to let others know who is perfectly alright with being exposed, and let people feel comfortable attempting to raise their Masters connection in this manner.

I’ll be sure to keep this post updated with all the players willing to be betrayed. Best of luck!

Current List of Players

General Betrayals

[ul][li][url=]Sara Hysaro[/url][/li][li][url=]Zero Hunt[/url][/li][li][url=]Kasha Cairn[/url] (not a POSI)[/li][li][url=]Sackville[/url][/li][li][url=]Zee-Bat[/url][/li][li][url=]Juniper Brown[/url][/li][li][url=]Esther Ellis-Hall[/url][/li][li][url=]&quotMany&quot Chin[/url][/li][li][url=]Seeker of Names[/url] (not a POSI)[/li][li][url=]aegis1000[/url] (not a POSI)[/li][li][url=]Toran[/url][/li][li][url=]AnachronisticJam[/url][/li][li][url=]Vanessa Montblanc[/url][/li][li][url=]friendshipranger (Laplace)[/url][/li][li][url=]Salvation Denied[/url][/li][li][url=]Shalinoth[/url][/li][li][url=]Soran[/url][/li][li][url=]MrUnderhill89[/url]
[b]Mutual Betrayals[/b]

[ul][li]Kharsirr Lynx[/li][li]Kalixas[/li][li]August Brown[/li][li]Elnara[/li][li]thedeadlymoose (Eris Jay)[/li][li]thedeadlymoose (Red Rose)

Permission Required

[ul][li][url=]friendshipranger (Moriarty)[/url][/li][/ul]
[b]Waiting on Time [/b]

edited by Sara Hysaro on 11/10/2014

Soran: EDIT: Time the Healer rolled around earlier, so this character should now be safe for betrayals for the time being.

Zero Hunt: Go ahead and betray to you hearts content; this character may be a POSI, but they haven’t gotten around to playing the Notability game yet, so the Making Waves loss won’t matter.

Kasha Cairn: Similar to Zero; this character isn’t using Making Waves, so go ahead and betray if you want.
edited by Soran on 11/5/2014

You may betray me, but note I’ll betray back; if it’s needed for to wait for Time, then ask me :) I received Time just now.

Put me on the list. TtH recently arrived and my waves are safe.

Feel free to betray me, I have no use for my Making Waves yet.

I just separated the list into several groups; if you dislike your placement be sure to let me know.

Feel free to betray both Juniper Brown and Ms Esther Ellis-Hall - neither of them are in the Notability game at the moment.

i care little about the notability game, though i care even less for the masters. so betray away! my alts have no notability anyway.

my main’s username is in my profile.

Oh, Betrayal is fun. Please do betray, and Kalixas will be keen to return the favor for her own personal gain as well…

Seeker of Names can be betrayed, although ze is only a Person of Little Consequence.

The few who have my confessions can betray me. I’m not POSI and not really using my making waves, although I like to keep it high as a sort of trophy.

I’m open for betrayals on a mutual basis. It seems to me like a fair way to organize polite betrayal without having to write a series of nicely-worded letters asking for permission to mock the lot of you.

I’m open for betrayals and am planning on betraying my way from Connected: Masters 5 to Connected 6, if possible (modest goals, I know). The sooner the betrayal the better - I clocked through Time the Healer last night, so I don’t really need Making Waves at the moment.

I will also likely be randomly selecting some people to not betray, but have no hard feelings if they betray me.

I am open to be betrayed by any and all, but be noted that absent a list of those who would seek my discretion, I will return all gossip with like kind.

I would be happy to indulge in mutual betrayal with anyone.

My alt,, can be betrayed at will, though she hasn’t confessed much. She certainly does not plan to keep faith, unlike my main, Mathieu, who will keep faith even if betrayed.
edited by Rackenhammer on 11/5/2014

RandomWalker, Stroller, and Third Walker are largely indifferent to the whole affair. They would prefer not to be betrayed, naturally, but they don’t have many making waves and care less, and scandal isn’t that hard to deal with.

That being said, if you do intend to betray, please do so soon, as Time the Healer has only just visited.

Time the Healer calmed my waves yesterday morning, so while I would prefer there to be Trust between us, I will admit that it is safe to betray me for anyone who wishes to do so. At most it might cost me the opportunity to buy more Tiny Cave Fishes.

You can feel free to betray Eris Jay or Red Rose, though I’m much happier being betrayed if you reciprocated the confession!

Please ask me first for Moriarty, either by PM or with a note in game. Moriarty is a little close to the line, and I don’t want to have to grind up to 12 again.

Laplace, feel free.