Best way to reach PoSLC 8

I am just curious which option you all used to get your person of some little consequence from seven to eight. Personally, I used my extensive collection of minor lodgings to get it. Did anyone actually use the clothing option?

Which did you use, and which do you find best?
edited by GamerGallade on 2/21/2016

Yep I used the male fashion version. I think I used the Exceptional Hat for Pyro’s Ambition and bought another one for Polythreme. I’ve used the other parts of the set for Persuasive checks.

I think that I used the Townhouse option… I had both housing options available at the time, and that is the one that I got first.

I used Friends in High Places. All of the Connected options seemed fairly easy to accomplish.

This is what I did. Discarding them until you get one you already qualify for is trivially easy since they’re all &quotfrequent&quot frequency.