Best Way to Invite New Players?

Hello all!
I’m fairly new to Fallen London, but already hooked! I’ve convinced some friends they want to play, and plan on sending them an in-game invitation. However, I feel like I distinctly remember seeing some option say &quotthis will unlock a special storylet for your friend if they decide to join&quot – am I making this up? If it’s real, where did I see it?

I figure they only get to be invited to play once, so I’d like to make it as positive and exciting an experience as possible!


I can’t say if this is the only one, but there’s something like that in the spite, if you choose to intercept couriers.

I am only aware of three such options:

  1. &quotUnravelling a Coded Message&quot is accessible either at Spite through the &quotBut what is this?&quot branch of &quotSnaffle couriered messages&quot or at Ladybones Road through the &quotWhat on earth?&quot branch of &quotGo mudlarking&quot (which disappears as soon you exceed 16 Watchful)

  2. &quotSeeking a better class of violence&quot is accessible at Watchmaker’s Hill through &quotA better class of violence&quot branch of &quotRowdy times at the Medusa’s Head&quot (which disappears if you exceed Dangerous 11) or from the &quotIf only there were two of you, you could take on the world!&quot branch of &quotAn unwise ambush&quot opportubity card

  3. &quotEnjoying the bohemian atmosphere of Veilgarden&quot is accessible from &quotWhat you need is a coterie&quot branch &quotThe Poet of the Streets&quot opportunity card and (allegedly, though I haven’t verified this personally)at Veilgarden through &quotInvite like-minded poets down here&quot branch of &quotLiterary Ambitions&quot

ETA: I’ve just check on my low-level alts and I can get all of them apart from &quotInvite like-minded poets down here&quot. It’s either been discontinued or maybe made Airs-dependent.
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Thank you both!!

Suppose one just wants to invite surface friends and doesn’t care about the individual storylet. I know I’ve seen a way to do it but I cannot find it. Do I need to wait for a particular card?

Well, I actually found the fancier way, via Spite and the courier, so everyone can ignore this. Sorry to have been a bother. Onwards!

For anyone else looking, there are quite a few different ways to invite people but various ones lock and unlock at different levels. Off the top of my head I recall that each Unfinished Business storylet has an invitation option (I believe the storylets themselves are unlocked for the four starting areas at ~75 of the relevant stat). There’s also an invitation option when dead.