Best way to get Connected: Criminals over 20?

Hello again, all!

I’m trying to gather criminal connections for the last step of the Gang of Hoodlums quest, but my usual methods (the Carnival and my Old Bone Skeleton Key) don’t work past level 15. The only repeatable action I’ve found that raises Connected: Criminals was ambushing couriers in Spite, and at 1 CP per action, that’s going to take a while. I was wondering: has someone has found a more efficient method (preferably one that avoids doing time in New Newgate)?

In the FLit, build Casing, then sell it to a Colleague. You’ll get a solid Shadowy boost as well as increase in Criminal connection up to level 50.

There are also a couple of cards that can help: The Tower of Knives (The next victim? if Jack’s still about), and A visit (Sardonic Music-Hall Singer - Drop in for a chat). Once you get to 20 you can also get A merry sort of crime, and at 50 you can get Crime or punishment? if Constables is also at 50+.

On An Implausible Penance (starts appearing at connected 10) most of the options use your connected criminals but if you choose the bare knuckle prize fight option the first choice raises criminals and gives 60 rostygold; the second lowers your connected constables, raises criminals and gives 100 rostygold.

Crime and Punishment can’t be discarded and you either take a large hit to one connection and raise the other or you can use it for the Boxful of Intrigue. Once you have criminals at 20 you also get the A Merry Sort of Crime card which if you choose the Dirigible Theft raises criminals.
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One further suggestion to build up casing and sell it off, as this has been the magic pill for me many times. Not at all efficient, but then again, what does efficiency really matter to people as important as us?

Selling Casing to a colleague did the trick. I must’ve mistaken it for a social action at first. Thanks, everyone!

Well if it doesn’t involve opportunity cards it’s probably a lot more efficient in terms of time until you’ve reached your target connected level.