Best way to get "Connected: Bohemian".

So I have 9 &quotConnected: Bohemian&quot and I need 25 to become a journalist. Anyone have any tips for getting it?;)

The conflict card with the Church, the Bohemian faction card, and, if you’re a scholar of the correspondence, giving public lectures are the usual ways.

if you’ve got the correspondence stones, you can give lectures in the forgotten quarter for 15 cp in society, bohemian and revolutionaries, but it inflicts 1 point suspicion per repetition. still, it’d only be 19 actions to get you to 25. the other good option i’m aware of is the church vs. bohemian conflict. if you favor bohemian every time you draw, you’ll gain 30 cp per repetition, but you lose 15 cp church per repetion at the same time, so…

Publishing poetry in the shuttered palace gives a boost too.

There’s also the Ornate Typewriter. It caps at 20, but it’s pretty good to get you far.

Thanks:). But what’s the Ornate Typewriter?
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Its an item you can buy at nikolas pawnbrokers. It costs 60 echoes
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Okay, thanks.

it’s reusable, so it’s not completely overpriced.

I think that there is an option to publish poetry praising the Duchess in the Shuttered Palace that has a decently high connected payout.

That would be my suggestion as well.
It requires your ‘A Name Signed With A Flourish’ Quality be at least 4. :-)