Best way of making echo's for me

I am trying to Set up an Orphanage but I need echo’s both for the requirement and to get the urchins, and the alluring accomplices I would like to know what the best way is for me to make echo’s my qualities are minimum-maximum

WATCHFUL 149 - 205


Set up an Orphanage

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Set up an Orphanage

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Set up an Orphanage

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There’s already good information specifically about optimal money makers. See what is mentioned that is available to you.

I would hold off on getting an Orphanage until your Shadowy is much higher.
It looks like you have a lot more content to sink your teeth into until you’ve reached it all. As you go through the content, you will invariably acquire Echoes. I would use those to buy the orphanage once you have enough.

The Orphanage is really more PoSI content and, realistically more end-game content. The last thing you want to do is start grinding for Echoes while there is content to be had. Enjoy what is left of the game while possible. There will be plenty of time to grind for money later once you’re content capped.
The sooner you start playing the game in a way that can be considered grinding, the sooner you will become burned out on it. The game is meant to be read, played and experienced, not burned through to collect stuff. You’ll find there is lots of time to do that later.

If you are worried about Echoes I would say that you are not ready to set up an Orphanage. To be honest it is quite a money drain. Not just setting it up but maintaining it as well.

The best money making opportunities come when you are POSI or at least have higher stats. For example some of my favourite money making opportunities are - The Affair of the Box which needs high shadowy; Seeking Curios and Secrets (high watchful and a way to effectively manage your nightmares) and Hunter’s Keep which needs a ship.

I find the best way of making echoes is to (avoids bad joke about yelling in a cave) just play the game, enjoy the content, and check after a while to be surprised I have loads of stuff to sell.

But I don’t strive for efficiency, but for enjoyment.

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I thought you had to be a Person of Some Importance to set up an Orphanage anyway? It’s one of the requirements isn’t it?

Either way, I would say the best thing to do is equip all your Shadowy equipment and head to the Flit. Do heists and thefts there, which are very profitable, and will help you raise your shadowy.

I thought I had said I was a person of some importance but either way I am one

With recent stat-dependent mechanic and updates, ‘A Visit’ card is suprisingly profitable - With 225 Shadowy, You can get [color=#99ff66]450 (!) Cryptic Clues[/color] by talking with him. All praise Devs![li]
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