Best use for Omen and Bookshop cards?

What do people think is the best use of the Little Omen and Dusty Bookshop cards? I have both in my hand right now, I feel like I need to take advantage of this somehow, I can’t figure out how. [li]

Watchful at the University: I used one to get my Scholar of the Correspondence to 21–indeed, I believe you have to. Also to boost the odds of getting Engimas and Impossible Theorems.

I also boost Persuasive before going into the Nadir for some of those high-difficulty challenges.

I’m not doing those advanced things at the University, so I usually save those mood cards for the difficult 8-action option on the All fear the Overgoat! card. Though that’s not really worth the Action it costs to play the mood card, since the probable difference in rewards is only 82.8 pence when I go from 52% to 56% and use a Sudden Insight (which is definitely worth it).

I used to save mood cards for challenging thefts with my Master Jewel Thief, but the same applies there: It’s not worth the Action it costs to play the mood card. I just never calculated the exact numbers, since there’s no telling how many attempts I might have to make before succeeding. (Failure isn’t really an option, or the estimated reward goes down too much.)

Mood cards were a lot more fun when I had much lower stats! ;)

Until I get to Ubergoat I can’t raise SOTC any higher so if I get a mood card I tend to use it on Expeditions to make the 3 Supplies choice 100% straightforward.

Thanks. I haven’t actively played FL in about six months (as I can tell from the six trade secrets I’d stockpiled), just logging in every so often and running through my cards-in-hand. Looks like this (relatively new?) option at the university is the way for me to go – my watchful is at 171 +48, I’ve got lots of random stuff saved up I can convert into correspondence plaques, and I think I’ve done all the expeditions till I got kinda sick of them anyway. Of course I guess there’s no real purpose to raising scholar of the correspondence (I’m only at 10) but what the hey.

Raising SotC is a thing to do because you can, basically. You might want to grind Enigmas instead if you’re Seeking or just because.

(If you’re raising SotC, you’ll need to have a lot of actions on hand because you’ll need to heal Wounds as you go.)

more recently i just used it to make my modest challenges into low-risk challenges, in theory that should increase echos/action for long carousels?
otherwise it may be useful for advancing an ambition before you have the minimum stat to advance the plot, though pointless in the long run since you’ll have to trainup your stats eventually.