Best use for moods with stats around 60?

I’ve drawn a &quotA Dusty Bookshop&quot card, which grants temporary moods. I understand that this is not common, and I don’t want to waste it. What would be a productive use of +30 in the mid-levels? I’ve got 70 watchfulness, and mid-50s for everything else.

Depends on what immediate goals you have in front of you. When I was about that stage, I liked grabbing a Watchful mood right before embarking on an expedition with a full candle of actions in order to boost my odds.

If you haven’t unlocked access to the Flit yet, a Shadowy mood is a great way to springboard into that section.
edited by Kaigen on 7/9/2015

If you can get a stat up to 70, the mood can bump you up to 100, allowing you to start the POSI questline. If the stat is ‘Dangerous’, this will even let you clear the first of the four stat tests (you need to prove that each of them are at least a modified 100, in a specific order.)