Best POSI specialisation?

I have before me the option to become an Extraordinary Mind. It fits my character better to be a Legendary Charisma, but more watchful just seems… better. Buccaneering approaches all the time on expeditions! Raking in the echoes from the Overgoat, when I finally get one! More easily achievable courier footprint(?)! Indeed, I have trouble seeing any good use for any of the other specialisations. Can some long-time players clue me in on the opportunity costs here?

I’d add a poll, but I haven’t actually read the forum rules (my general conduct is to simply be excellent) and some forums have clandestine anti-polling rules, so I’ll refrain.

It’s probably the most useful, but getting up to 15 notability is a pain anyway. Plus keeping the boosted stats means no nadir.

I’d go with whatever fits your RP.

Yeah, watchful is probably the only one that has a whole lot of use being boosted above 200. But as Kaijyuu says, if RP is important, do that.

Um, a Legendary Charisma can flirt with Slowcake’s Amaneunsis? I think the main thing really is being able to teach the next generation.

Watchful is best mechanically, with a variety of uses for being even further over 200. Persuasive has a couple exclusive options. Shadowy and Dangerous have very little to recommend them.

Invisible Eminence might be the best in terms of helping other players, since Shadowy is comparatively difficult to raise (between its social action reducing MW and Society connections, and the weird gap when you get to the Flit).

If you want my advice, don’t make this decision based on mechanics. You should choose whatever skill you actually like the most.

Seriously, the game is far more fun when you play based on the choices themselves rather than the mechanical results.

Besides, there are plenty of extremely high skill checks for ALL stats, not least because of the Favours/Renown system.