Best Places To Grind 4 Jade?

I am currently Dangerous = 70, Watchful = 72, Persuasive = 71, Shadowy = 73.

I want to get a perm reservation at the Royal Bethlehem and I am thinking that Antique Mysteries will be cheaper than Prisoner’s Honey. I need 45 more Antique Mysteries, which is 56,250 pieces of Jade, if I did my conversion rates correctly. I am trying to remember which actions pay in Jade. Can anyone help with this list?

In Spite:
Almost anything for the Widow. Max of 47 per action with “Assist with Tomb-colonist exodist”

In The Shuttered Palace:
The gardening challenge = +78

Where else have I forgotten? (I don’t want to waste time earning other goods right now…)

Converting from Jade is terribly inefficient. The best way to do this is to go to The Flit and the “The Big One” option to get Casing and use that casing to acquire Antique Mysteries. This is about 40 or 50 levels higher than your current level of Shadowy, but it will almost double your efficiency for attempting to gain the Hotel. If you can hold off and grind for stats rather than items, you will be much happier in the long run, I assure you!

Either use the Fidgeting Writer storyline for Antique Mysteries (but you might need more watchful for that), or do ‘The Big One’ in Flit. Even a failure will get you the mysteries, I believe.

A Name In Seven Secret Alphabets 5 will let you give tours of the Forgotten Quarter, which yields 82 jade. Failure will increase your Scandal but it’s a tidy profit if you’ve got the prerequisites.

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