Best places for all POSI items? (no spoilers)

So, I’d like to do some of the POSI stuff. However, I know not where the best place to get the stuff needed for all POSI items are. Advice?
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Bazaar Permit x 3
Collection of Curiosities x 1
Collated Research x 16
Use of Villains x 2

Wilmot’s End - Searching out a Missing Woman:
Strong-Backed Labour x 4
Whirring Contraption x 1

Wilmot’s End - Walking the Paths of Wilmot’s End:
Legal Document x 1
Collated Research x 20

RIDING THE SAVAGE COBBLES (7 I think? The end option)
Attend a Funeral:
Blackmail Material x 1

Night on the Town:
T2 Journalist x 1
T3 Author x 1

Favours in High Places:
25 Stolen Kisses => 5 Favours
T2 Campaigner x 1
T4 Midnighter x 4
Talk of the Town 12

Cellar of Wine:
25 Broken Giant => 5 Cellars
T3 Author x 1
T3 Mystic x 1

Book of Hidden Bodies (Tournament of Lilies)
Personal Recommendation (Tournament of Lilies, Talk of the Town 12)
Comprehensive Bribe (Side Streets)
Bejewelled Lenses (Side Streets)

This is taken from my own personal google doc, so hence the kinda icky formatting.

I’d recommend picking one thing at a time, the benefits of one item may help a bit in working toward the next, or at least will help you somewhere. Better to have one whole POSI equipment than a bunch of materials.

The first thing to look at is what do you need right now? Raw BDR for starting Notability? Or one of the three POSI stats specifically for a certain storyline?

There’s also a wiki article on this at =)