Benefits of the Starveling Cat?

I’ve recently acquired a starveling cat from trading cats with my alt. Unfortunately it seems to have been a waste of time as its only options seem to be to increase my nightmares and wounds or just pass it on to someone else. Is it just one of those items that doesn’t really have a use or does it unlock anything?

This should be taken with some caution, though, because we’ve been warned this year Hallowmas is undergoing a radical revamp and will be completely different.

The Starveling Cat does, on occasion, unlock various branches but mostly in Exceptional Stories. It’s also required for SMEN, I believe (as well as unlocking an actually beneficial/profitable card for a very narrow range of SMEN)

In addition to the previously mentioned menace control, when Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name you need Starveling Cats to stain your soul. They also unlock the most efficient method of Unaccountably Peckish gain in the Flit, which combined with Taking Refreshments in the Labyrinth gives you efficiency control of that value making it easy to gain that 1 free point of Seeking each week.

I’ve just hit SMEN 17 so I think I’m past that point now. Nevertheless I shall keep this abomination for soul-staining if that is what Eaten requires.

You’re still very much at that point; you can use weekly points to raise SMEN as far as 28. (And it’s the recommended method, as the other ways have scaling costs and difficulties, so are worse the higher your SMEN.)

Put it on your mantelpiece. Or send it to me, I’m in need of one.

I know the Starveling Cat unlocked a minor option in at least one Exceptional Story. Something like that might happen again.

You can try to throw it down a well for a candle. Tell us if you manage to do it, because it usually fails. it’ll be nice to know if it’s a rare success, or a dead-end option.

I know I need at least a few more, as they keep running off with my soul as I’m trying to stain it.

The Starveling Cat!
The Starveling Cat!
Unlocks an option
To deal with rats!
When you try to remove them from your lodgings … it is but a minor option, however.

“Benefit” is kind of a weird word to use in the context of SMEN-related items.

You can also introduce your grubby kitten to the Starveling Cat. Or more accurately, periodically click on that option by accident because it’s immediately adjacent to the useful and profitable rat-catching option.

Is it? Not only is the starvling cat easily availible with no seeking involved, but look at the list of seeking related items.

Seeking related items:
The seven candles (one of which sells for 77 * 2.5 echoes, but yes, the others are useless.)
appaling secrets
searing enigmas
mourning candles
starvling cat
brilliant souls
your own detached head
the seven-fold knock
mr eaten’s calling card (the ultimate bribe for a young seeker)
proscribed materials

Once you prune out seeking exclusive [since the cat isn’t] it’s actually disproportionately useless for seeking-related items!
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