Benefit from flattery at Dante's Grill

I’m having some difficulty with this action. I have a friend who has high making waves, nightmares, and wounds and has given me permission to invite them to Dante’s. They are my acquaintance(level 4), but they are not showing up on the list of people I can choose. [li]


I think you can only use this on non-POSIs.

He isn’t a POSI.

Does HE have a “Free evening”?

A free evening is required for the recipient as well. NiteBrite just took me out:
(6 minutes ago) You have dined with SleepyOrigami (NiteBrite in Fallen London) at Dante’s Grill. The service was faultless; the five-course meal of Surface stuffs, mouth-wateringly invigorating; the brass cutlery was comfortably warm. You’ve lost 1 x Free Evening (new total 0). Confident Smile hasn’t changed, because it’s higher than 15 Wounds has dropped to 1 - Scratches and Bruises! Making Waves has dropped to 8!

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My MW was at 13, so looks like 63-75 point drop for the leechee if I’m calculating correctly.

Ah I see. He just acquired one from the Urchins. Thank you all.

Does anyone know what the gain/loss of Making Waves is for the POSI/non-POSI respectively?

As a non-PoSI I lost 55 CP out of 83 CP (Level 12 with 5 CP). I assume that all those points reached their destination. And now I’m down to Level 4, which would be 10 CPs. 55 CP equals the first 10 levels, so perhaps a non-PoSI is only eligible to be invited to Dante’s Grill when they hit that level?

Interesting. Thanks for the info!

Having been on the PoSI end of this a few times now, I probably would not do it again - the MW gain is variable and can be very small (6 cp and 8 cp the last two occasions).
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Second edit: A third invitation, sent out already, just yielded only 4 cp. Pricey, although I am sure that the company was delightful!
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It’s an interesting concept, leeching waves. The biggest issue I see is how restrictive the invitation requirements are. I have or 1000 storynexus friends, but I’ve never seen more than one or two people available for the action ever. I might use it more if it had a broader selection of potential recipients. The other challenge is that the cp gain appears to be a bit random which is not the best. It would be cool if the cp gains/losses were more dramatic, but I can see why it would be restricted, because the current limitations make it ideal for alt abuse (since it would be tricky to walk someone through the steps it would take to even become eligible. Also because it would be tempting to just grind waves with an alt so you get the benefit of both social actions and their full making waves bonuses generated by the social actions). Two of the folks above went to Dante’s because I invited them. It just seems like a super rare action few can try. That’s my 2 cents on this.

i think really the acquainted with bit is what narrows it down so far; sure you may have 1000 SN friends, but you’re not likely to have more than 80 or so Acquaintances unless you’re hardcore into exploiting that bug to raise your influence as high as you can.
The Free Evening might have filed stuff down a bit further too, but Time will be dishing out 5 of those a week from now on and there’s currently very few uses for them. It doesn’t even require that they have MW: so you can get no MW at all, or very little if they only have a couple levels.

Aha. In which case it’s probably MAINLY going to be used often for alts, as otherwise the non-PoSI may be offering almost nothing for their mea (as indeed has been the case for all my guests).

Agreed, its a massive risk as it stands now. I forgot it requires acquainted with. That’s the restriction that should probably go. That and requiring a minimum level of making waves on the recipients part should balance this out and make it 1000% less susceptible to being mainly an “alt’s only” club.

I’d like to report that I lost all my 30 CP of Making Waves just now. So (luckily) the description lies a bit when it says that one loses &quotsome&quot of one’s Making Waves. It’s only &quotsome&quot of Making Waves if it’s above 55 CP. I debated with myself if I should’ve let the invitation be until I had more Making Waves, but maybe by then Time would’ve struck the PoSI who invited me? I did display my Making Waves in my scrapbook though, so anyone who cared about the actual payoff could’ve taken a look to see what was there. Much as I suggested in this post that I unfortunately made a new thread for instead of posting it here, where it belongs. (This thread hadn’t received a new post for three days at the time, so I didn’t find it when I did a quick scan for a suitable thread.)

I guess my questions in that post have been answered now. Buyer beware, because ‘unflattering’ dinner guests aren’t filtered out. And we can indeed give away all of our Making Waves if it’s low enough. Good to know. It’s a bit unfortunate that these dinners would be best planned using metagaming talk, such as &quothow many waves&quot, &quotwhen do you need them&quot, and &quotI’ve already promised my waves to someone else&quot. And while filtering out acquaintances with less than Making Waves 10 would help in that, it might not be appreciated by people who’d be willing to take a little less, or even nothing if they’re doing it solely for role-playing reasons.

I don’t see any problem with the Acquainted With requirement, but that’s probably because I didn’t see the benefit in filling out my 77 slots. So I could just send a card if I was PoSI and wanted to take someone to dinner. Well, assuming that they haven’t filled out their Acquainted With. Then they had better get to the snubbing! ;)[li]
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A change seems to have occurred, and I just lost all of my 80 CP of Making Waves (level 12 + 2 CP) to the one who invited me to a dinner at Dante’s Grill, not just 55 CP as before. If I’d known, I could’ve let the waves build up some more, but I hope all the 80 CP made it through. :)